The Eau Claire Advantage

The Computer Science program is demanding but current and practical. We stress quality over quantity by providing an aggressive and intensive program designed to produce a distinguished pool of high quality graduates.

The exposure to current practical applications, taken from both industry and research, accounts for much of the Department's reputation as a demanding but highly regarded program.

Recent top graduates from Eau Claire receive "signing bonuses" of $3000-$5000 on top of a base annual salary in the range of $45000-$55000 and nearly a 100% job placement rate.

That is the Eau Claire advantage!


ABET Accreditation LogoThe computer science curriculum at Eau Claire is unique among Midwestern computer science programs. The Department has chosen to focus on providing an intense, demanding, and high-quality program that ensures that all graduates will be exceptionally well prepared either for jobs in industry or for continued education in graduate school. The curriculum consists of a sequence of integrated courses, each building on and extending topics from previous courses. The topics and problems discussed are taken from real industrial applications, and require a level of effort usually exceeding that of more traditional computer science programs. And the Computer Science-Comprehensive program is ABET-CAC accredited!

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