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Professor and Associate Vice-Chancellor
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Emeritus/Former Faculty

Beth Ernst (2005-2011)
Former Lecturer

Daniel Ernst (2005-2011)
Former Faculty

Susan Harrison (1983-2007) »
Former Faculty, now in Mathematics

Leonard Larsen (1971-2002) »
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Tom Moore (1983-2004)
Former Faculty

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Andrew Phillips (1998-2004) »
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Steven Ratering (2003-2005) »
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Paul Wagner (2002-2011) »
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Michelle Cicha
Academic Department Associate

Steve Ranis
System Administrator / LTS Liaison

Andrew Phillips


Dr. Phillips joined the Computer Science Department in December 1998 as professor and department chair after spending 10 years in the Computer Science Department at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He is now the Provost and Dean of Students at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.


- Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Computer & Information Sciences, 1988.
- M.S., University of Minnesota, Computer & Information Sciences, 1986.
- B.S., The Pennsylvania State University, Mathematics / Computer Science, 1984.


Dr. Phillips' research interests include: mathematical programming, digital design and high performance computer architecture, computer security, and computational biology/science.