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Professor and Associate Vice-Chancellor
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Beth Ernst (2005-2011)
Former Lecturer

Daniel Ernst (2005-2011)
Former Faculty

Susan Harrison (1983-2007) »
Former Faculty, now in Mathematics

Leonard Larsen (1971-2002) »
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Tom Moore (1983-2004)
Former Faculty

David Nuesse (1971-1996) »
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Steven Ratering (2003-2005) »
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Paul Wagner (2002-2011) »
Emeritus Faculty


Michelle Cicha
Academic Department Associate

Steve Ranis
System Administrator / LTS Liaison

Daniel Stevenson


Dr. Stevenson joined the Computer Science Department in 1997. He is the faculty co-advisor for the WITS student group and is currently involved in several student/faculty collaborative research projects.


- Ph.D., University of Iowa, Computer Science, 1997.
- M.S., University of Iowa, Computer Science, 1994.
- B.S., Duke University, Computer Science, 1991.


Dr. Stevenson has research and teaching interests in computer vision (image understanding), graphics, robotics, and web applications.

Phone: (715) 836-2490
Fax: (715) 836-2923