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Michelle Cicha
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Michael Wick


Dr. Wick joined the Computer Science Department in 1992 after spending 3 years in the Computer Science Department at Washington State University. He was named the University's Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs in 2011. Dr. Wick is also a 1984 Computer Science graduate from UW - Eau Claire!


- Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Computer & Information Sciences, 1989.
- M.S., University of Minnesota, Computer & Information Sciences, 1986.
- B.S., University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Mathematics / Computer Science, 1984.


Dr. Wick's scholarly activity involves newly published software development techniques and the integration of those techniques across the computer science curriculum. In recent years, he has focused his efforts on object-oriented design and analysis techniques, design patterns, and Java/C++ implementation techniques. His research interests are in artificial intelligence where he has undertaken basic research in expert system explanation and the application of neural network technology to voice recognition.