ACM/WITS Cookout    A day in Phillips 177

ACM Programming Contest    Pumpkin Carving

WITS Bake Sale    ACM Programming Contest Students

Students playing frisbee at the ACM/WITS cookout    Professor Dr. Stevenson gets a pie in the face.

Students getting food at the end of the year picnic    Student at ACM Programming contest

Students carving pumpkins at a WITS event    Students at the end of the year picnic in 2007

Student Organizations

Student organizations provide Computer Science students with professional development, opportunities to meet with recruiters, learn more about hiring companies, and form life-long friendships.

Student Association for
Computing Machinery (SACM)

ACM Programming ContestSACM is a division of the national Association of Computing Machinery and specializes in technical talks and social activities. As a member of UWEC ACM, you are entitled to a plethora of big plusses.  From getting help from people who have been there to hanging around and having fun on a social event, UWEC ACM has got you covered. Please view our website for more information about membership and activities.

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Women in Information
Technology Systems (WITS)

CS End of the Year PicnicWITS is a division of the national Association for Computing Machinery - Women and specializes in professional development, recruitment opportunities, and social activities. The WITS organization has been established to support and promote women in information technologies and encourage women to study computer science and/or other information systems.

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