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System Administrator

The Department of Computer Science Systems Administrators consist of one regular staff member, Steve Ranis, and a number of student support personnel.  Their responsibilities include lab hardware and software support, Faculty desktop support, and administration of curriculum resources.  Currently, the Department of Computer Science utilizes the following network resources: Linux servers, a Solaris Server, MySQL/Oracle/MS SQL servers, Apache/IIS servers, VMware virtualization servers, and a version control server.  They are also responsible for a number of web applications, including the MSDNAA site for student access to Microsoft software.

 Current students with interest in working as a Student Systems Administrator, please email the Admin's at .

System FAQ

1. How do I connect to the Linux machines from the CS labs?
You can access the Linux machines from any CS lab using PuTTY or teraterm ssh. Telnet is NOT supported though. PuTTY is installed on all CS and UWEC GA lab machines. If you need to download and install ssh, see the next question. If you have any further problems gaining access to the Linux machines, reset your University password by visiting

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2. How do I connect to the Linux machines from outside the CS labs?
There is no telnet, rsh, or rlogin access to any CS or CPSC Linux machine. However, you may access mikey and data (only) from outside the and domains by using PuTTY or teraterm ssh, both public domain 32-bit secure shell clients.

Installing PuTTY

  1. Go to the PuTTY website.
  2. Download either the PuTTY binary or the Windows-style installer from the downloads section.
  3. If you chose the installer, execute it.

Using PuTTY

  1. Launch PuTTY. Type in the full hostname (i.e. of the machine you want. Set the protocol to SSH. Click on the Open button to open a new connection.
  2. The first time you choose a new host, a warning screen will pop up. Select Yes.
  3. Enter your username at the login prompt. The machine will then ask you for you password.
  4. Once you are authenticated, you will be logged in to the remote system and given the usual prompt.

You now have a secure session to run your normal Unix commands.

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3. How do I change my password in the CS labs?

Press Control-Alt-Delete and choose the "Change Password" option.

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4. How can I get free or low cost Microsoft software?

The Computer Science department at UW-Eau Claire is a member of the Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance, or MSDNAA. Information about the program and a list of currently available software is available at Most of the software is available for instant download, and the system will provide you with a legal license key. You may also have the option to purchase a delivered boxed product for a very low cost, typically between $10 and $15.

Some of the productivity software (non-development, such as Office) is not available under the terms of the contract. Contact your favorite vendor and inquire about purchasing these programs at a discounted student pricing. Contact if you have any further questions.

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5. How can I connect to the CS Oracle database server from my personal computer?

  1. Go to to download the Windows client for Oracle10g Database. You will be required to sign-in with a login Oracle Technology Network, or to create a profile if you don't already have one. Note: This download is 379MB in size.
  2. To access the CS Oracle Database, please use the following information:
         Service: csdev
    Credentials: Please use your credentials provided from your CS Professor.
    Contact if you have any further questions.

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6. How can I connect to the UWEC network from home?
If you are running the Windows XP operating system on your home computer, you can set up a VPN connection to the campus network.

  1. Navigate to your Control Panel
  2. Double-click Network Connections
  3. Navigate to File > New Connection...
  4. Click "Next" to begin creating a new connection
  5. Select the Connect to the network at my workplace radio button and click "Next"
  6. Select Virtual Private Network connection and click "Next"
  7. Enter "UWEC" as the company name and click "Next"
  8. Enter "" for the hostname and click "Next"
  9. Select "Anyone's Use" and Click "Next" and then "Finish"
  10. When the vpn interface opens, enter your UWEC username and password to connect!

NOTE: You need only do this process once. After that you can start up the VPN at anytime and login! If this process did not work, you can try the help desk VPN tutorial.

Contact if you have any further questions.

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7. How can I download free curricular software?
You can download some of the curricular software from the CS Labs by visiting the software download page.

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8. How can I get CS curricular lab combinations?
CS Lab combinations are accessible to CS major and minors and students currently taking a CS class. You can access combinations by visiting the computer science department combination distribution center.

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