Dr. Joline Morrison

Dr. Morrison has teaching and research interests in database systems (including data modeling and the development of database applications), Web design and development, and multimedia design and development.

Message from the CS Chair

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at UWEC!

Our goal is to make the Department of Computer Science Department the premiere CS program in the Midwest.

Such bold words require proof. So, consider this:

  • We graduate 30-40 students per year, and all of them have immediate post-graduation employment: some elect to continue their education in graduate school at top universities, while most accept full-time employment in industry.

  • Employers offer signing bonuses ranging from $3000 to $5000 to our graduates, in addition to an annual base salary averaging $2000 above that provided to graduates of other Midwest computer science programs.

  • The UW-Eau Claire computer science program is both regionally and nationally recognized. Our CS program is ABET-CAC accredited, and we have received several National Science Foundation (NSF) grants in support of our innovative curriculum over the past ten years.

What makes our program so highly regarded? Our program is demanding, but focused and practical. If you seek a computer science education that will teach you the fundamentals as well as the practical applications of computing; if you seek an education that will teach you to think independently about difficult design and computational problems; if you seek a program that will challenge you to work as a team with others to develop practical industry-driven applications; if you are willing to work hard for that kind of education, then CS at UW - Eau Claire is for you.

Feel free to browse our pages. Look closely at our curriculum and the course content. Read the faculty sketches and peruse their research and teaching interests. We have much to offer at UW-Eau Claire. In the words of our former chancellor, Donald J. Mash:

  • "The campus is beautiful, activities abound, and the people here are friendly and helpful. All of this adds up to an outstanding college experience at a price our students can afford.

    We are a student-centered university, a place where teachers and students interact as mentors and friends in and outside the classroom. We combine the academic distinction and personal attention of a smaller, private college and the choices and variety of a comprehensive university. Everything is in place that matters most to students preparing for a future of success."

I agree wholeheartedly. With warmest regards,

Joline Morrison, Chair
Department of Computer Science