Additional Student Funding

  • The UWEC Office of Financial Aid maintains a list of additional scholarships available to students majoring in Computer Science. Opportunities also exist for faculty/student collaborative research and for work-study in Computer Science.
  • Work Study
    There are also significant funds in the Department to support student "work study", including, but not limited to, research and course projects with faculty, tutoring, and system administration.


The Department of Computer Science offers a number of full and partial tuition scholarships to students who major in a program offered by the Department of Computer Science. Additionally, there are number of other funding opportunities available to students in the department including work-study, faculty/student collaborative research, and a few other assorted scholarships.

Karlgaard Scholars

  • These scholarships are based on academic performance and leadership in the field of Computer Science. There are approximately 12 scholarships available, about half targeted at new freshmen.
  • For more detailed information, see Karlgaard Scholars.

ESTEAM Scholars

  • These scholarships are based on financial need and academic performance in the fields of Computer Science, Mathematics, and several physical sciences. There are multiple scholarships available, with many targeted at new freshmen.
  • For more detailed information, see ESTEAM Scholars.

If you have any questions on any of the above, please contact Dr. Daniel Stevenson.