Joline Morrison.

My daughter lauren.I taught in the Management Information Systems and Computer Science Departments at UW-Eau Claire for nineteen years, and retired in June 2014.

My professional interests are in the areas of Web site and database design and development. I’m intrigued by the question of whether computer science and programming topics can be taught effectively through online courses.

I now live in southwestern Colorado, where I ski, snowshoe, hike, and backpack. These pastimes interleave with my explorations into online teaching.

My best friends are my husband Mike (whom I do all of the above with) and my cocker spaniel Pico (whom I do most of the above with).

The other important people in my life are my daughter Lauren and her husband Jesse. Lauren has an MFA in experimental animation and works in Los Angeles doing stop motion animation and special effects for movies. She inspires my explorations into animation and multimedia. She is also an amazing mountain biker and skier. Here's a photo of Lauren at a mountain bike race.

Jesse is an environmental law fellow at UCLA and works at making sure the government enforces environmental regulations.Pico and Joline in Jeep.

Here’s a photo of Pico and I riding in our Jeep in the Colorado high country. He really needs to keep his eyes on the road and not on the marmots.