Dismantling Racism

In 2008, the College of Arts and Sciences, under the leadership of ASDAC, undertook a process of organizational change called Dismantling RacismDismantling Racism is a process of organizational assessment and change around issues of race and privilege.  In its early work, ASDAC assessed a need for the College to evaluate and improve its climate towards race and privilege if we are to become the diverse and equitable organization that we seek to be.  The process will guide us in 1) a frank and honest evaluation of our individual and organizational assumptions and views around race, power, privilege, and oppression, and 2) developing and implementing a multi-year process of changing our attitudes and actions about race and privilege.  The aim of this process is to understand and change our internal climate, to help us become the truly diverse and equitable organization of faculty, staff, and students that we want to be.  This is a multi-year process, which we are pursuing with the support of a private gift to the College and grant funding from a University of Wisconsin System initiative “Closing the Achievement Gap”.

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