The faculty, staff, and students of the College of Arts and Sciences embrace and support the values of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness described in the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s Strategic Plan 2008-2016):

A commitment to diversity and inclusiveness is a value that strengthens and enriches our university and suffuses all activities on campus. Its meaning is broad, encompassing all facets of human diversity. It applies equally to employees in every category and to students of every description. Its impact is comprehensive, as we strive to create an environment of equity in opportunity for all students, employees, and visitors, and to enhance our existing reputation for broad intellectual inquiry and collegiality.

Diversity and inclusiveness will be a defining characteristic of all our actions in support of our learning and resource goals. Purposeful learning is served by curriculum and pedagogy that expand our students’ knowledge of multiple perspectives and ideas. Connected learning includes creating an environment in which students learn with and from people who are different from themselves. Global learning prepares them to be at home in an international and multicultural world.

Our university resources, in turn — especially our human and physical resources — are enriched as we strive to create a university truly diverse in makeup and inclusive in spirit. These values will inform our recruitment of students, faculty and instructional academic staff members, administrative and professional academic staff, classified staff, and LTE employees, as well as the design and implementation of curricular and co-curricular programs. We will create an environment in which prejudicial assumptions and disabling stereotypes have no place and where equity is affirmed for all.

A diverse and inclusive campus strengthens our institutional capacity to meet both the challenges and opportunities of an interdependent world with richer creativity, ideas, and knowledge.

We recognize that fulfilling these values cannot be the responsibility of a special office or a few individuals, but requires attention and effort by everyone at the University.  The academic environment has a core influence on the living, learning, and working experience of faculty, students, and staff.  The College includes about 70% of the University faculty, who teach nearly three-fourths of the credits at the university and well over 90% of the general education and required supporting courses taken by first-year students.  Diversity, equity, and inclusiveness need to be at the forefront of the work of the College of Arts and Sciences, as a large, central, and significant part of UW-Eau Claire.
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